About DCC

About DCC

We are a creative design and branding agency based in the Midlands.

We know that your branding is what you’ll be remembered for, so it has to be just right. It’s our job to help you establish your branding and captivate your customers from the second they interact with your business, whether this is seeing your logo, coming across your website or using your merchandise.

The way we make a difference

The way we make a difference

At DCC, our passion is helping people and businesses to build a brand they believe in. We use our creativity to help businesses build brands that will help others. We like to inspire this kind of confidence in all of our clients.

Informed – we’re informed in the industry, the latest trends and your business

Informed – we’re informed in the industry, the latest trends and your business

  • Collaboration – we work with you to build a strong brand
  • Strategic – we think long-term. Building a brand takes time and we’re with you all the way
  • Diverse – we’re diverse in our thinking, there’s variety in all we do
  • Informed – we’re informed in the industry, the latest trends and your busines
  • Honest – we build brands that are sincere and that people can believe in

Building a brand is so much more than just a logo. It’s telling a consistent story. It’s showing your customers you have what they need. In an already overcrowded space, your business needs to make the right kind of noise to be seen and heard.

Who and Why?

“DCC is managed myself (Danielle Clarke), a Brand Designer and Marketing consultant, originally from Birmingham. I upped sticks and decided to base myself in the heart of the National Forest in Derbyshire, England. Throughout my career I’ve worked with various clients, agencies and in-house studios both full-time and freelance. And now, I’ve decided to set up shop on my own and run a collaborative design agency based in the Midlands, with a team of carefully selected branding partners by my side.

I make it my mission, along with my team, to get to know your business and ensure they become well-known and recognised within your industry. Creating a brand that speaks to the right people is what it’s all about. You’ll have the confidence to share your brand and introduce new products and services with ease.

As a business owner myself, I understand the struggles of running a business. It’s not easy finding the right branding partner, but that’s why I created DCC, to help businesses like yours. Together we can build a brand that makes an impact.”

Helping businesses build better brands

Client Success Stories

“After three years of running my business, I decided to invest on a complete new brand and selected Danielle for the work. Right from the start I knew I'd struck gold - she's attentive, understanding and got what we were after (even when I didn't know myself). The output far exceeded my expectations - we ended up with something beautiful, classy and unapologetically us. I'd recommend her a thousand times over if I could.”

Emma Glover Emma Glover

Founder of Victress - Social Media and PPC Agency

“I have always struggled with my branding and putting into a few clear sentences what I wanted to portray to my potential clients, and then I met Danielle! I first met her on a zoom training session, everything she said regarding her own business and messaging was so clearly put. She made it look effortless so I knew that I had to work with her. I enjoyed every minute of our sessions, she has a real talent for facilitating clarity. I love my branding bible, it has made all my marketing and messaging so much clearer, I cannot recommend her enough. If you do one thing for your business do this, it is worth every penny. Thank you Danielle you are a star!"

Alexa Warner Alexa Warner

HypnoCoach & Founder of The Healthful Mind Clinic

“I was starting a healthcare consulting firm and I needed a logo that was great; that's where Danielle came in! She met with me and listened intently to what the business was about and what message I was trying to convey. She took notes, thought about it and came back with a branding proposal. In her proposal were three very good logo options with everything well thought out from design concepts to colour schemes to choosing font styles with a cool clinical feel to them. The results were brilliant and I'm so glad to have chosen her to take on the task. She delivered top drawer work and I'll be recommending her work whenever I can.”

Josh Spigner Josh Spigner

Business Consultant & Founder of Spigner Solutions


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DCC has produced work for some notable clients over the years. From large corporate to small independent, family run businesses.